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  • W I C K E D  I S  G O O D 

  • Sophia Bush and Sebastian Stan 

  • Can I ask for either a manip or a gif(s)? I would like Grace Andrews/Brooke Davis (Sophia Bush), Bucky Barnes/Winter Solider(Sebastian Stan) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) please. Or if just two I'd rather have Sophia and Sebastian. They are my newest obsession! Thanks :D

    Wow, I would want to see myself and Sophia Bush and Sebastian Stan together. Therefore, try to make and manipulate, and animations with them.
    Just try and do something with Jensen.
    I can think of triugolnik :D
    Wait, I’ll try to do today, tomorrow ^^

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  • progression throughout the seasons

  • Maybe you’ll always learn the hard way, 
    Maybe the only way is through,
    That after all the dust is settled, 
    You’re the only thing I know is true. 

  • BW